Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My Ada Lovelace Post

Better later than never! A short post to celebrate Ada Lovelace Day. My post today goes to cheer the women from our support group and the ladies that will be helping me with the panel of the CRA-W DLS that I'm co-organizing at UofT. What a diverse group! Although we are all studying (or teaching :) ) at Canadian universities, we are originally from Greece, China, Lebanon, Iran, Turkey, Serbia, US, Israel, Mexico and Romania.  It's hard to get more diverse than this :)

I want to cheer for all of our plans: leadership positions in technical companies, project managers, professors, and - why not - PhDs! I wish you all of it to come true! And who knows, maybe before leaving UofT behind, we'll make our group "official".

Keep on being awesome!

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